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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Yellow Pages Are Dead To Local Business

The Yellow Pages Print Directories have been the Bible of Advertising for such a long time. Now that we have the Internet and Search Engines, especially Local Search Engines, the original print Yellow Pages are experiencing a serious decline in users.

These print directories are being found left on the doorsteps, stepped over, and abandoned to rot away or eventually be tossed out in the trash. This isn't exactly a Green thing to do!

Local Small Business is lost, not knowing what to do or how to advertise that will bring in more customers. Some just keep investing money back into the Yellow Pages thinking there is still a market left that uses them. Perhaps that is true of older folks or people who live way out in the country.

For most people though we're using Search Engines or Google to find Products or Services. This has created a whole new industry of SEO experts and Local Internet Marketing Consultants. While the Yellow Pages is now offering online listings, how often do people take the time to go to the online Yellow Pages instead of just Googling up whatever they're looking for?

You will still get good backlinks by having a listing in the online Yellow Pages, but there are many other online classified sites, directories, review sites that can also get you seen by your customers.

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