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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Highly Effective Non-Technical SEO Strategies By Sammy Kirkland

Web users find information, product(s) or service(s) on line in three ways. These are:

a) Through Direct Traffic - This method involves a user entering a web address directly into the address bar of a web browser or by clicking a bookmark or a link in email. People who fall into this category are usually those familiar with the company or a web resource and they could be repeat visitors.

b) Search engines - these are programs that crawl the internet and index sites based on keywords and other relevant factors. "Search engines are simply information retrieval applications" and users can find any web resource indexed by any particular search engine by supplying a keyword that corresponds to the any word in the search engine database of billions of indexed sites.

c) Referral - this refers to traffic that originates from a referral site, this happens by people clicking on links in a referral site and getting directed to the target site. I.e. Facebook users clicking on a link from their FB account that eventually takes them to a corporate site somewhere. Referrals are usually qualified traffic because someone has to be interested in a site ad to click on it.

Of all the methods outlined above, companies only have control over a) and C). Since search engines rely on a number of other factors. method a) and c) also rely on a company's offline marketing efforts. SEO strives to provide methods for improving website ranking that lead to increased traffic.

There are two types of search engine traffic, these are:

Pay Per Click - PPC
Such results in Google are usually displayed as "Sponsored Links" in Google through the use of their Adwords program. Other major search engines such as Yahoo Search and Bing also have their own. PPC is the quickest method to drive qualified traffic to a site.

Organic Search Results
Also referred to as natural search results, these are results obtained on basis or merit of a website and not through purchase. Due to the sheer number of sites that compete for this position, only sites that highly placed in organic results receive customers attention.

How are sites ranked?
Ranking criteria used by major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing is constantly evolving, the real formula for ranking sites is closely guarded secret by search engine proprietors. But generally, it is believed that search engines rank sites based on relevancy, authority, popularity and trustworthiness.

Below are some non-technical strategies that can be used for SEO

a) Writing Interesting content that is also relevant for your website.

b) Link building though acquisition of highly relevant links.

c) Being ethical and avoiding questionable tactics frowned upon by the SEO community and loathed by search engines.

d) Build authority though networking

e) Increase popularity through encouraging repeat visitors.

Use sound marketing principles together with the above non-technical strategies to increase your site ranking.

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