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Friday, January 14, 2011

Three Things to Do Before You Open For Business

A large percentage of new local businesses end up not fully succeeding because it is so hard for business owners to overcome the initial hump...that time where you are spending more money than what you make. The important thing to remember is that anyone who starts their own business likely feels at some point that the challenges are simply too great.

Although you may not be able to completely control whether your business succeeds, you can take steps to start your business out right so that it has a better chance of succeeding. Three things in particular can be done before opening day if you want your business to make a great first impression.

Have Enough Capacity to Meet Projected Needs

Going into a new business establishment that is not prepared to be open for business is very frustrating for some customers and you do not want to lose customers right from the start. If you are selling product be sure you have enough to go beyond your expected first days' demand and the same goes for ensuring that you have enough staff to provide adequate service in your beginning days. Happy customers often mean returning customers which is what going into business is all about.

There's an old saying which is that happy customers tell three other people; dissatisfied customers tell seven other people. Being in the former category is a much better recipe for success!

Conduct a Final Walk Through Prior to Open

Whether you have sales people or you are managing a small business yourself you want to go through and make sure that whatever aspects of your establishment that will come face-to-face with your customers are presentable. Do a final walk through to be sure everything and everyone are in place and your customers will have the sense of an organized establishment as a result.

Hold a Teleconference With Associates and Managers

Finally, if you want to be prepared to make a good first impression on the opening day, you might consider holding a conference call with all of your staff. Teleconferencing, which you may have also heard referred to as free conference calling, is a great way to communicate efficiently and quickly without having to make arrangements to go anywhere. You will have a better chance of getting more people together all at once when meeting at a specific place is not an issue.

You only get to have an opening day for your business once which is why it is so important to do it right. Having everything prepared will be simple. Get the coordination done right by utilizing a free conference calling program in order to get your team on the same page and then go out and make it happen!

Thousands of other savvy business owners have managed to open their businesses right and so can you.

Author Andy Court was born and raised in Southern California. He is passionate about technology and has written about ways in which new organizations can leverage group communication - including free conference calling - to improve coordination. Visit for more information.

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